Collagen Gold

Look years younger in 60 minutes!!!!

This innovative Asian gold Bio collagen facial mask is formulated with pure gold, natural Bio ingredients, and hydrating compound to deliver you a more defined, younger and glowing Look. Formulated with a proprietary ingredient carrying a moisturising element which harnesses the power of pure gold and all it’s healing benefits to the skin.
Gold can slow down the skin collagen depletion and elastin breakdown. This treatment combined with photon like therapy stimulates Talia regrowth at the basil layer to regenerate, combat damaging free radicals, stabilise skin immunity, Re-hydrate skin and improve skin elasticity thus reducing the appearance of premature ageing. The bio active ingredients enhance base slimming sculpting and evens out skin tone effectively.

Recommended for all skin types especially fatigued and dehydrated skin.

1 treatment £45.00
6 treatments £200.00
12 treatments £350.00