MCA (Multi-trepannic collagen Actuation) also known as micro needling.

What is MCA for stretch marks, scars and burns?

MCA is a straight forward procedure which can dramatically improve the appearance of;

  • Surgery scars
  • Burns
  • Small trauma scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Sun damaged skin
  • smokers lines

Each treatments takes around 30-60 minutes. It is recommended that clients take on a course of treatments dependent on the depth of the scar tissue. The effects are significant, measurable and sustainable.
MCA uses a micro-pigmentation machine with a needle cartridge. By working along the site of the wrinkle or scar you create a mini trauma and break up the fibres in the site. This triggers a healing reaction in the body and collagen is sent to the trauma site which breaks down any skin tension and the new collagen begins to build in the area. The results is that scars become flat where they were raised, pitted scars are made smoother, wrinkles are smoothed and stretch marks are massively improved.

The treatment is safe and does not require anything to be implanted into the skin. It works on exactly the same principle as many other dry needling techniques. This straight forward technique is the most effective treatment for scars. Its precise and targeted and you are not causing unnecessary trauma to unaffected parts of the skin but are targeting specific areas.

What are the advantages of MCA?

  • Gentle needling activates your body's own natural repair response, sending collagen to the repair site, softening and flattening scar tissue so that the appearance of scars and wrinkles are noticeably improved.
  • kin texture will be improved appearing tighter.
  • micro needling treatments do not result in any social downtime and unlike laser treatments they have no side effects.
  • MCA is suitable for any skin type/colour
  • treatments can be performed on the body as well as the face.

The best results are seen after a course of treatment.
single treatments of micro needling are only available to clients who have already purchased a course of three or five treatments.


1 Treatment (small/medium area) £75.00
1 Treatment (medium/large area) £100.00
course of 3 Treatments £200.00
course of 5 Treatments £325.00