Permanent Cosmetics

Imagine having perfect smudge free makeup 24hrs a day, without having to do a thing! literally just get up and go, knowing you are already to face whatever your day may have in store for you. laying in the sun, taking a dip in the pool or sweating it out at the gym will no longer mean smudged makeup.
Permanent makeup (micro-pigmentation) also known as semi-permanent makeup is a cosmetic (or sometimes medical) procedure, which is a form of tattooing.
cosmetic tattooing involves placing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This sits around 1.5mm below the exfoliating layers. the pigments used are oxide based, which are designed to over time, leave the skin, (which is why this treatment is often referred to a semi-permanent). Clients are likely to want to change their look over the years, not only does our taste & style change with age but our skin tone and elasticity does too, so its important to be able to adapt your look as time goes on. permanent makeup will typically last 3-5 years (dependant upon clients skin type and pigment tone used), with refresher colour boosts every 12-36 months. The treatment will be done in 2 stages, these being your first initial treatment followed by a top up treatment 4-6 weeks later.

there are a number of permanent make up treatments available

• Eyebrows, perfect for adding definition, shape, colour and symmetry. There are a number techniques that can used to create the perfect Brow for you as a individual.
• Eyeliner, treatments range from a very subtle eyelash enhancement to bold and defined eyeliner.
• Lip Tattooing, is perfect for defining and enhancing the lips. Treatments range from a subtle defining lip line, through to a full lip colour.
• Cheek Blush, perfect for defining and enhancing the cheekbone structure.
• Beauty Spot.

Permanent makeup isn't just about creating bold statement makeup, its also about enhancing your features and creating a look that is right for you. Treatments are tailored for clients on an individual basis, so we will work together to create a look that is perfect for you.

a few reasons why you might consider permanent makeup

• Thinning or fine eyebrows, due to chemotherapy/thyroid disorder.
• Sparse or non-existent eyebrows from years of over plucking.
• Busy lifestyle.
• sports enthusiasts.
• Those with ailing vision and cant quite manage that perfect eye-line anymore.
• Loss of lip definition.
• Anyone who simply wants to save time..... Wake up in your Makeup!

Time is taken with each and every client to discuss in length what it is you want from your permanent treatment, a full consultation along with a skin test will be required before any treatment is carried out.



Hair-stroke £250.00
Powder (block) £275.00
Combination £300.00
Ultra fine realistic hair-stroke £300.00


Lip liner £230.00
Lip Blush £250.00
Lip liner & Blush £300.00


Lash enhancement £175.00
Top eyeliner £250.00
Bottom Eyeliner £275.00
Top & Bottom £300.00

Other Treatments

Cheek Blush £275.00
Beauty Spot £75.00