Photon Light Therapy

Light therapy has been studied for more than 40 years worldwide during which time it was discovered that visible and infrared light has positive therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms on a cellular level to promote different levels of tissues healing and regeneration.

Clinical tasks carried out by NASA Stamford University and the Mayo clinic have also found that light energy photon therapy can help relieve pain and inflammation from the disease base conditions, physical trauma, work related stress, training or other high-performance activity.

Through stimulating natural healing power of our cells photon light therapy has gained credibility as a simple and effective, non-medical alternative to prescription medication and a natural non-invasive alternative to invasive surgery.

Because of its versatility and ease of use, photon light therapy is becoming more popular for both pain relief and for its cosmetic purposes in skincare in both the medical industry and also the cosmetology industry.


• acne
• rosacea
• psoriasis
• fine lines and wrinkles
• Hyperpigmentation
• depression and other mental health issues • muscle and joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis • fibromyalgia • and much much more

As an alternative therapy light therapy offered a huge range of benefits.

• safe and painless
• no side-effects
• non-invasive
• stimulate cellular renewal
• increases circulation in moisture retention • minimises mild scarring • accelerate skin healing • reduces inflammation • Calms rosacea • reduces pigmentation from acne lesions • kills P bacteria which is the cause of acne.

Below are the seven wavelengths of light used in our clinic with a description of their uses.

Red light has been called a “biologically active light” it is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory for stimulating so activity and for increasing production of collagen and elastin this is what makes red light such a popular treatment in the battle against ageing as it provides a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Red light has also been found to be very healing and can be used to ease muscular pain and help speed up recovery following illness or injury it has also been found to help promote hair growth.

Blue light is antibacterial agent which can kill the P acne bacteria beneath your skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. It targets poryphins, metabolic product of propionibacterium bacteria, by reducing proteins from them that kills the bacteria without damaging your skin tissue by production of an oxygen free radical. In a very short period of time signs of acne or significantly reduced and inflammation is reduced. Decreases skin oiliness by lowering access sebum production to achieve acne inflammation reduction and repair your skin without leaving scars and spots. Blue lights off as a viable alternative to medication in the fight against acne.

Greenlight primarily increases Melony and reduces redness. It also has the functions of neutralisation, balance and calming. It can reduce skin oil secretion, freckles, Sun damage and age spots. It lightens and reduces existing pigmentation and helps to improve skin complexion. In addition to this green light is proving very effective at tackling redness of the skin including rosacea.

White light speeds up metabolism of the active tissues and increases absorption. White lighters also claim to strengthen the protein fibre tissues, shrink enlarged pores and promote the synthesis of protein collagen.

The wavelength of yellow light has been specially processed and assists the lymphatic system in detoxifying the body. It can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells and replenish energy to skin cells. It is beneficial in decomposing pigment, promotes lymphatic detox, improves skin roughness and wrinkles. Yellow light also offers a viable treatment for skin redness, fever, ring worm, and can enhance immunity.

Cyan light is a combination of blue and green lights known as a dual band light which can gradually enhance cell energy. Helping to promote skin cells metabolism and adjust the gland function of skin, Helping to improve oily skin and acne. It also promotes the synthesis if protein and collagen in the skin. Cyan light is primarily use as a skin illuminator.

The purple light is a combination of red and blue light another dual band light which combines two phototherapy effects: strengthening of the protein fibre tissues and the minimisation of pores. Purple light has shown particularly good results in the treatment of acne and for the removal of acne marks and also helps to reduce oedema.

In Particula red light has being found to help promote hair growth in both men and women. when light therapy is applied to a target area in this case your scalp, it has been found to increase bloodflow to wherever it is being applied. the specific wavelength of the red light stimulates the mitochondria resulting in cells that become much more active. when this happens the cells metabolise faster resulting in more bloodflow, more bloodflow means that more oxygen platelets and other healing properties that our hearts naturally produce get applied to help heal the affected area the end result is a happier m, healthier scalp, and more often than not thicker healthier hair as well.

As light therapy does not give fully instant results it doesn’t require a leap of faith. the client needs to commit to a minimum of five treatments however will benefit from a full course of 10 treatments. treatments can be taken daily if desired however I would recommend not to leave more than a week between treatments.

1 treatment £50
5 treatments £150
10 treatments £200